18.01.2024  Announcements
Transition to the New Revision of the ICAO CORSIA Scheme Document

Accreditation activities within the scope of verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Aviation will be carried out as of January 1, 2024, based on the ICAO CORSIA Annex 16 Volume IV Second Edition (new version ) program document. The previous version of the program document in question has become obsolete.

In this context, accredited verifier organizations must apply for scope change according to the new version by January 22, 2024. The application can be uploaded to the Applications tab under the documents tab on the portal. Apart from this, there is no need to expand the scope. Applications made after the said date will not be accepted and old version scopes will be removed from the accreditation scope.

In the new version, there are significant changes in verification practices as it complies with ISO Standards (the current one). In addition, since ICAO answers the questions that arise during verification with this version, accredited organizations are required to revise their documents according to the new version and establish their verification processes accordingly. Organizations that will apply for accreditation for the first time within this program must apply according to the new version.