24.02.2023  Announcements
Transition and Policy Decision Regarding Standard Revisions in the Field of Volume

These revisions have been made in the following technical standards:

  • Piston Volume Meters (ISO 8655- 1 ...ISO 8655-7) / Revision Date 2022-04
  • Laboratory glass and plastic materials (ISO 4787) / Revision Date 2021-11

As a result of these revisions , it is expected that our accredited organizations will act in accordance with the "Decision Concerning the Currentness of the Standards Included in the Scope of Accreditation " on the website of the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) regarding the technical standard transition . Following the assessments carried out in the field, the evaluation of the feedback received by our Institution revealed the need to explain the following issues:

  • During the application phase of the methods, all requirements of current standards (device specifications, uncertainty statements, method, personnel, environmental conditions requirements) will be met. These issues will be reviewed during accreditation audits.
  • These standard transitions will be discussed in the first inspections of accredited laboratories. The relevant scopes of the old revision will be withdrawn from the scope of the CAB's that cannot fulfill the requirements of the new revisions . When these organizations are ready, they will be able to request scope expansion and become accredited in accordance with the new revision .
  • It is expected to be entered in accordance with the R20.26-Guide for Scope Presentation Rules of Calibration Laboratories regarding the presentation of CMC values (measured quantity/device, measurement range, measurement conditions, measurement uncertainty, measurement method) within the scope of accreditation. In this context, it is possible to express measurement uncertainty values relatively.