23.10.2023  Announcements
Announcement of Transition of Accreditations of Certification Bodies that Issue Certificates According to GlobalGAP Ifa and GlobalGAP Coc Certification Program

Version 6 of GlobalGAP's Integrated Farm Assurance Standard introduced some changes in its structure and a minor modification in the content.

the previous version are divided into the following regulations:

  • Rules for individual producers;
  • Rules for producer groups and multi-site producers with a QMS ;
  • Rules for the scope of aquaculture;
  • GlobalGAP Full range remote control

The part of the standard recognized by GFSI was combined to create the SMART version and the GFS version.

Both of them are divided into scopes and categories as stated in the table below, and the relevant scopes are made available to applicants on the TÜRKAK Portal . Since the animal production standard will be repealed on December 31, 2023, it is not included in the table.





Scope of Crop Production

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Flowers and ornamental plants

harvestable products


Plant propagation materials


Aquaculture Scope

Fins, crustaceans, molluscs seaweed

GlobalGAP IFA v.6 GFS

Scope of Crop Production

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Aquaculture Scope

Fins, crustaceans, molluscs seaweed

In accordance with the Program Owner's terms, the new version is already available and will become mandatory from January 1, 2024; Therefore, from January 1, all activities for the programs specified in table 1 must be carried out in accordance with the new version 6.

versions shown below will remain in effect until further notice:

  • GLOBALG.A.P . IFA v. 5.2 BU, BÇM, Çay;
  • GLOBALG.A.P . IFA 5.4-1 GFS YMS, Aquaculture.

Transition Method for currently accredited CABs :

All Organizations already accredited according to the previous version of the scopes in Table 1 will evaluate the changes made with the new version and implement them in their organisations.

must request transition to the new version of the program through the TÜRKAK Portal by October 31, 2023 .

TÜRKAK will conduct a 1-day "Document and Record Review" audit for the transition to the new version and will conduct a field and office audit in the next audit of the Organization.

Organizations wishing to be accredited for the first time must have received pre-approval as stated in the R50.07 guidance document.

version of the standard with reference to accreditation until the positive accreditation decision regarding the transition is approved .

As of January 1, 2024, all accreditations granted according to the previous version will be withdrawn if the new version is not adopted.

GlobalGAP has released version 6.1 of the Chain of Custody standard ( CoC ) , but we would like to inform you that the standard is still being evaluated at the EA level. Therefore it is not yet accreditable. For this reason, the transition process has not started yet and new applications or extension requests will not be accepted in this context.

6th version of GlobalGAP, the information in the table below must be filled in and forwarded to the TÜRKAK file manager and uploaded to the relevant fields on the TÜRKAK Portal.

Required Action


Application Time

Detailed analysis of the changes brought by the new version ( Gap Analysis), determination of relevant standards, changes to be made in the management system and implementation periods.


including forms ) that have been changed or updated to include changes introduced by the new version of the standard


Training plan specifying training periods for all personnel involved in the management of the certification process

involvement and appointment of auditors.

  • Internal Audit report to be made for the transition to the new version ,
  • YGG report