17.03.2023  Announcements
Announcement about TS EN ISO 9712:2022 Standard Revision and Transition Policy

TS EN ISO 9712:2022 standard was published in April 2022;

The transition to TS EN ISO 9712:2022 Standard for organizations that will apply or have applied for accreditation as the Turkish Accreditation Agency and organizations accredited by our Institution will be ensured as follows:

  • As of the date of publication of this announcement, the first accreditation application according to the old version TS EN ISO 9712:2013 Standard will not be accepted.
  • Before the publication of this announcement, organizations that have applied to our institution according to the previous revision of the TS EN ISO 9712 standard and whose process is ongoing should contact the relevant file managers and obtain information about the completion of their processes according to the new revision by 30.09.2023.
  • Organizations accredited by our institution must complete their transition to the new revision by 30.09.2023. The accreditation of organizations that have not transitioned to the new revision by this date will be suspended. 

Note: In scope writing, it is important to clearly write technical details (such as RT-D, RT-F and RT-FD) as stated in the standard (TS EN ISO 9712:2022) Annex-F.