03.01.2023  Announcements
Accreditation contribution declarations for 2022 have started to be received.

In accordance with the “Communiqué on Accreditation Usage Fee/Share to be Implemented by the Turkish Accreditation Agency” published in the Official Newspaper dated 06.09.2022 and numbered 31945, all accredited institutions in the country (except those operating in the field of good laboratory practices) must declare their contribution and within the year 2022 Organizations whose total gross income excluding VAT is over fifty thousand (50,000) Turkish liras are obliged to pay six per thousand (0.6%) calculated over their total gross income.

Accreditation contribution declarations for 2022 have started to be received as of January 3, 2023, and declarations are received only through the New Institutional Service Portal ( After logging in with a user name and password, a statement will be made by clicking the Add button on the Finance/Contribution Share Statement page on the left menu, entering the file number of your organization, filling in the information and clicking the "Confirm Statement and Complete the Transaction" button. A separate e-mail notification will be made regarding the declarations of institutions that have not yet completed the transition to the new Corporate Service Portal.

The deadline for making a contribution statement and paying the calculated amount for the institutions that are obliged to pay is 31 March 2023.

your payments; You can do it by credit card, corporate collection or EFT/Money Transfer.

Before making a contribution statement and making a payment, be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions Guide.

If you need information, you can contact us at the following e-mail address or numbers;

Fatma ARSLAN: 0312 410 8397, Mehmet ÖZBERK: 0312 410 8386,

Tuğçe ALTUNBAŞAK: 0312 410 8375, Canan ERDOĞAN: 0312 410 8261

Click here to access the Frequently Asked Questions Guide.