What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a quality infrastructure tool which supports the credibility and value of the work carried out by conformity assessment bodies and thus of the corresponding attestations issued by them (test and inspection reports, calibration certificates, certifications of management systems, products and personnel and other attestations).

Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies is carried out against globally accepted requirements set out in international standards defining competence criteria for the category of conformity assessment body, against supplementary sector specific requirements and against guidance documents from international and regional cooperation organisations of accreditation bodies.

 A product or service accompanied by a conformity attestation delivered by an accredited conformity assessment body inspires trust as to the compliance with applicable specified requirements. Thereby accreditation favours the elimination of technical barriers to trade.

A global acceptance of the services provided with an accreditation is also subject to some questions, as to establish a confidence for the quality of the accreditation service itself. The trusting mechanism between accreditation bodies is constructed on the multi literal agreements at the international and regional accreditation body organisations, like IAF ( International Accreditation Forum), ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), EA (Europen Cooperation for Accreditation), etc.

TURKAK, started to provide accrediation services in 2001 and became a signatory of MLA with EA for all the available accreditation schemes at 2008. Currently TURKAK is a full member of EA, IAF and ILAC.