Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the benefits of accreditation?

Answer 1: Accreditation is beneficial to the accredited body itself, to Government and to users of accredited bodies.The  benefits for a body accredited by the TÜRKAK include: 

  • evidence to customers, and reassurance to staff and management, that work and management controls have passed an independent assessment and meet international standards for competence and good practice;
  • accreditation is an effective marketing tool;
  • test and calibration laboratories can demonstrate that their measurements are traceable to national standards.

The benefits for users of an accredited service include: 

  • assurance that test results are obtained using properly-calibrated equipment by staff with the right level of expertise; 
  • assurance that calibration of control and test equipment is traceable to national standards through the national measurement system, enabling manufacturers to produce reliable products; 
  • less need for products to be re-tested in different countries and elimination of technical barriers to trade encountered by exporters; 
  • added credibility to the results issued by Government institutions which have been accredited; 
  • increased confidence that data generated from multiple accredited laboratories are comparable;

A company using the services of a CAB accredited by a qualified accrediting body can be assured of the CAB's credibility, since the accreditation represents an independent assessment of the CABs ability to perform tasks. Even further, customers of a company certified by an accredited CAB gain assurance that the company's certification is based on conformance with internationally accepted practices and procedures. It's for this reason that many certified firms display not only the certification bodies certification mark, but also the accrediting body's mark on certificates and communications to their customers.

Question 2: What Are The Advantages of Being An Accredited Laboratory? 

Answer 2: Laboratory accreditation means high respectability both at the national and international level as an indicator of technical competence. Laboratory accreditation ensures the official recognition of laboratory competence and offers an easy method to customers in determining and choosing reliable testing, analysis and calibration services.

The process of laboratory accreditation have been regulated and standardized according to international standards. Thanks to the common approach used for accreditation, reports and certificates issued by accredited laboratories are internationally accepted. Thus preventing the repetition of tests and analyses for that specific product in the goods trade between countries and reducing the costs.

Question 3: Selection between Laboratory Accreditation and ISO 9001 Certification ?

 Answer 3 :Laboratory accreditation aims to ensure that the testing, analysis or calibration results of laboratories shall be accurate and reliable.

ISO 9001 standard is widely used in the assessment of the quality systems of production and service organizations. Certification of organizations according to the ISO 9001 system expresses the compliance of that organization's quality system with this standard. When certifying laboratories according to ISO 9001, this certification makes no statement on the technical competence of laboratories. From this point, the certificate's power to convince the market and prospects of laboratories is quiet insufficient.

Question 4: How Accredited Laboratories are Determined?

Answer 4: Accreditation bodies generally entitled the laboratories they have accredited Accreditation Mark / Logo using right with a contract. Such logo and marks are placed over the testing / analysis / measurement reports or certificates prepared by accredited laboratories.

However, accreditation bodies prepare and publish lists and catalogues containing the name, address and accreditation scope of accredited laboratories. List of organizations accredited by TÜRKAK has been published in the TÜRKAK web page And also list of accredited laboratories by European countries has been published in and by all over the world .